We heard them loud and clear!  

Senior utility leadership at Distributech 2023 and IEEE GridEdge 2023 told us they want and expect innovation!

Innovation that is “simple” and “synergistic”.   Solutions to operational challenges that are easy to implement, embraced by users and customers, and that solve for multiple challenges.  

Can we solve for safety, security, reliability and resiliency with a single solution?  Increasingly, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on rich data sets, the answer appears to be YES!  

This whitepaper is part of the  “Solving For” series that will discuss and propose innovative solutions for challenging issues in the safe and affordable operation of electric transmission and distribution (T&D) assets.  

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This is just the beginning of "Whitepaper: Solving for FERC 881," an in-depth whitepaper with the latest and greatest solutions for an industry of change.