Electrification is sweeping through America. The application of safe, reliable, affordable and clean electricity claims many benefits. But, just what are those benefits and why should engaged mayors care?

Forward looking, inclusive solutions to never-ending, underfunded community challenges like positive economic growth, lower crime rates, safe and affordable transportation, sustainable programs for cleaner water and reduced carbon footprints, and a vibrant cultural identity are hard to find. Once found, community leaders need to coalesce around the solutions quickly to provide citizens with a vision for the future….before the next election cycle. Can electrification really be part of the answer? Yes, it can.

Electrification brings communities, large and small, many benefits to include; economic development, better transportation (mobility) and innovative, emerging technologies across a broad spectrum of community infrastructure and services.

Everyone wants positive economic development. New or expanding businesses provide good paying jobs for the citizens, a strong culture of community responsibility, and a reliable tax base for the community to fund police, fire and infrastructure services. There is no better partner for a mayor, city manager or community leaders than their local electric utility.

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