Did your city get smarter in 2020?

COVID-19, unrest in the streets and a contentious Presidential election significantly slowed efforts for smart cities and the positive economic development that results. 2021 is here. Let’s find a way to get back to building the smart infrastructure that makes a city smarter. 

What is a smart city and how does it contribute to positive economic development? 

A smart city is defined as the connection of basic infrastructure like roads and streets, water and wastewater, electric, gas and communications and more of diverse neighborhoods and communities built and operated in a 3D/4D/5D digital twin model to drive operational excellence, revenue potential and sustainable customer lifestyles. Positive economic development occurs when cities employ the components that make cities smart such as master-planned infrastructure, emerging technologies in electrification that use clean, renewable energy, and a strong, robust broadband network to connect it all. 

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