Stay safe and warm. Texas isn’t the only place it’s gonna be cold. Bitter cold (-15) predicted for KC as well on 02/15. Always a reminder of the value of the grid!

  1. it’s 99.97% reliable
  2. it connects you to low cost generation (important when ERCOT is predicting $2200/mWh)
  3. it connects you and me for transactive energy in the years to come.

Resiliency is defined as “the ability to withstand a HIGH IMPACT, LOW PROBABILITY(HILP) event with little or no customer outage”. This bitter cold in south Texas is a HILP. After certain (storm or event) thresholds, the outages do not count towards the 99.97% reliability. That’s why resiliency programs like pole hardening and strategic undergrounding can reduce the total time of line restoration (TLR) and improve customer satisfaction.