CAISO approves $6.1B in new transmission projects in its 2023-24 transmission plan, with 26 new projects to support the addition of 85 gigawatts (GW) of capacity by2035. Here’s a link to the downloadable PDF.

Earlier this month, Lotus Infrastructure Global Operations and Southern California Edison were selected to jointly build and own the 30 mile, $503 million North of SONGS-to-Serrano 500-kV transmission line project expected to be operational by 2034.

Also this month, CAISO said it selected NextEra’s Horizon West Transmission to build and own the roughly $2.3 billion Imperial Valley–North of SONGS project, which includes a 145-mile, 500-kV transmission line and the $340 million North Gila-to-Imperial Valley project, which consists of a 500-kV circuit between the North Gila and Imperial Valley substations by 2035.

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It’s an exciting time for big transmission in California!