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Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the T&D system???? Yes….for analysis of UAV line inspection data, predicting substation equipment condition, using AMI voltage data for distribution transformers and now, on NYPA’s Long Island Sound Cable, transmission cable analysis.

AI is defined as the computer (speed)simulation of human thinking with the ability to analyze primary, secondary and tertiary sources of data to recognize patterns, trends and anomalies creating useable information that leads to action in the field, on the asset or with the customer. https://lnkd.in/gm8EKJw

This article describes how NYPA plans to use “historical data from various sources and AI/machine learning techniques to identify small anomalies, deviations, and patterns to predict larger imminent disturbances or faults” on segments of their EHV undersea cable system. Teamed with Eneryield https://lnkd.in/guJ38pW, NYPA will help our industry evaluate more good applications for the emerging technology of AI.