Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which computers have human brain like “thinking ability” is being used, today, by most major companies across America and the world. In fact, there is a massive technology race for dominance in AI between the USA and China….and it›s close. Very close.

AI is data driven and is built around pattern recognition. China has more data from a population that is 4-5 times bigger than the US. They have more data, and they are very good at turning data into information and, then, action with customers, vendors, and partners. Those actions in the coming years will fundamentally change the way the world works. It is disruptive and ethically challenging.

Electric, gas and water utilities will not be immune to the coming changes… 

Electric, gas and water utilities are clearly recognized as critical infrastructure required for social stability, public health and positive economic growth and development. These utilities are commonly regulated or government owned and tend not be early adopters of emerging technologies since so much of society is built upon their firm foundation. They clearly recognize the need for innovation, but their importance and regulated nature produces a slower pace of technology adoption. However, given the massively disruptive nature of AI developed by competing powers with very divergent world views, electric, gas and water utilities need to engage in AI and should participate in or conduct AI pilots on their systems and with their customers starting…yesterday. 

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