About the Book

“Mike Beehler is the Best Salesman on the Planet,” exclaimed our CEO as he introduced the “Project of the Year” winner. It was high accolades all around, coming from the CEO of a company that had grown from a central time zone, niche engineering company into the largest Architecture / Engineering / Construction firm in the power industry in just a few short years. It started with personal and professional relationships built on trust and authenticity that lead to billions of dollars of capital work and a long successful career.

In The Science of the Sale, Mike shares 170 pages of practical, how-to advice on building and maintaining professional relationships with customers who become lifelong friends.

The Science of the Sale gives you the scientific tools to be successful in sales… nothing artistic about it. Chapter by chapter, Mike provides proven methods for identifying possible customers, getting the “second meeting,” making a sales presentation, negotiating the contract, and following-up to make sure that promises are delivered upon. With illustrated tips, Beehler shows how to really love engaging with and serving your new customers as they become your career and lifelong friends.

And, ultimately, friends like to do business with friends.

Praise for Michael E. Beehler
& The Science of the Sale

“It’s no surprise that Mike’s The Science of the Sale is all about relationships: initiating contact, building trust, and nurturing the relationship. Mike is the quintessential relationship aficionado. He embraces the science of knowing his customers, products, and business opportunities to successfully negotiate the sale, all in an atmosphere of trust and respect. The Science of the Sale reveals Mike’s tried and true formula for you to be successful in sales.”

—Maureen Borkowski, Chairman & President (Retired),
Ameren Transmission Company, St. Louis, MO

“For years Mike has been a trusted partner, bringing together people and ideas to address issues, identify opportunities, drive innovation, and lead change in the industry. Mike’s ability to work across different industries and companies, with a multitude of different personalities is a testament to Mike as a person and to the techniques that he utilized. The Science of the Sale outlines the insights and techniques that Mike used and honed over his long and successful career. The Science of the Sale outlines many of those insights and techniques that we can use to drive success in the ever changing business world.”

—Shawn Schukar, Utility Executive, St. Louis, MO

“Mike brings his experience to bear through a series of thoughtful, pragmatic observations and advice on the science of the sale. His straightforward and concise style coupled with his wealth of experience provides the reader with a clear appreciation for what’s important: the value of personal connections and paying it forward.”

—Lisa Barton, Utility Executive, Columbus, OH

“Mike Beehler has been a critical thinker in the Electric Utility Industry for as long as I have known him. Mike has a passion for sharing knowledge and encourages others to do so as well. He was instrumental in getting utility executives together to present at industry panels and events.”

—Scott P. Moore, Vice President,
American Electric Power, Columbus, OH

The Science of the Sale is an incredibly practical and accessible guide to becoming a trusted partner with any customer. Mike Beehler knows what he’s talking about. A colleague for almost 20 years, I was an internal champion of Mike and his company not just because of the quality of their work, but because of the trust and relationship that Mike developed.”

—Jeff Guldner, President & CEO,
Arizona Public Service, Phoenix, AZ

“Mike’s book clearly reflects the genuine, authentic and ethically based style he brought to the market. His sales results and long lasting relationships were based on trust and are a true testament to a values based sales approach.”

—Steve Berberich, President and CEO,
California Independent System Operator

The Science of the Sale is a fantastic book. It is obvious that Mike Beehler has passion behind his pen. Mike has condensed a lifetime of career success winning customers and building relationships into a comprehensive, strategic business plan for all ages. It is easy to recognize and appreciate his pristine care for customers, and process-driven approach in winning deals plus building long-term friendships along the way. As one of his customers for many years, now I know Mike›s hidden secrets, and I am thankful for our lifetime friendship.”

—Kenny Mercado, Senior Vice President, Integration Lead,
CenterPoint Energy, Houston, TX

“Having worked with Mike for years in a business client relationship, I can attest that Mike truly knows how to build and maintain great customer relationships. Our business relationship was truly built on integrity and trust. Anyone wishing to learn how to become more effective in the science of sales should definitely read Mike’s book.”

—Richard Bagley, Vice President, Transmission Engineering & Asset Management (Retired),
Duke Energy, Seminole, FL

“Mike is a gifted salesman with a unique talent to probe changes developing in society. This book shares the recipe that made Mike so successful in supporting this industry. It is a great read!”

David W. Roop, Director – Electric Transmission Operations,
Dominion Energy Virginia, Richmond, VA

“I always enjoyed working with Mike. He took the time to get to know you—both personally and professionally. Mike adapted his business offerings to meet our business needs. He was interested in advancing the utility industry as a whole. A true sales gentleman.”

—Caren Anders, Vice President, Duke Energy (Retired),
VP/GM Energy,
JEA, Jacksonville, FL

“Where is Beehler? Not sure, but just look up above the rest of the crowd and you will see his head! I don’t even remember when I first met Mike, but what I do remember is his ability to develop and build a sustained relationship that has passed the test of time—well over 20 years with me. It is clear his job was to sell, but it was apparent that he wanted more… he remembered wives and kids’ names, hobbies, and significant events…I was not in sales, but I aspired to do the same.”

—Dale Oliver, PE Vice President,
EPM&C Entergy Services, Inc, New Orleans, LA

“This is a must read for anyone who touches the corporate sales process. Very easy to read yet comprehensive and informative, including real world practical advice. Mike’s key point of business is people, and from that the idea that friends like to work with friends cannot be overemphasized.”

—Duane Anstaett, PE, Retired Executive & Officer,
Evergy, Kansas City, MO

The Science of the Sale is an insightful read for anyone in the business of service.”

—Werner J. Schweiger, EVP & COO,
Eversource Energy, Boston, MA

“Mike translates his successful sales career into a clear, concise roadmap for others based upon a foundation of trusted relationships. ‘Professor’ Mike boils down decades of experience into specific lessons within each chapter with techniques that will stand the test of time in the evolving business world. Mike’s successful sales techniques are built on trust, lasting relationships and genuine authenticity.”

—Ken Bowes, Vice President,
Eversource Energy, Hartford, CT

“As senior transmission executive for a large utility, I typically resisted cold calls from sales people. How did Mike Beehler enter? He gained the trust of the people who reported to me and worked his way through quality, service and trust. He knows I love to talk disrupting technology, and he can speak about it without selling me anything. He knows I love to help mentor those young in their careers, and he demonstrates the same trait. Friends know one another and trust one another. The right person remains friends after there are no sales to be made. I am proud to call Mike Beehler my friend well after The Science of the Sale.”

—Michael Heyeck, Founder,
The Grid Group LLC, Westerville, OH

“Michael Beehler’s book The Science of the Sale uncovers a few key underlying tips needed to effectively craft a business deal. Mike’s astute sense for detail captured in this book is directly a result of having spent a long distinguished career working in a highly competitive business selling engineering services to the public and private sectors. Mike is a truly gifted speaker, very personable, and a professional engineer who is well known as an industry expert in today’s business community. I have had the pleasure to know Mike on a personal and professional level. He is an outstanding person who has deep rooted personal values as it relates to his family and friends. To me, this book is yet another example of Mike extending his many talents and vast professional experience in a way to assist others. I wish him well with this book and in all of his future endeavors yet to come.”

—William A. Johnson, General Manager,
Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, Kansas City, KS

“Mike’s passion, authenticity, and methods when working with others is clearly shown in The Science of the Sale. As a client and a friend, I can heartily recommend that you read it and absorb the science and methods.”

—Paul H. Allen, Vice President Operations (Retired),
Nashville Electric Service, Nashville, TN

“Mike truly practices what he preaches. He provides a critical handbook with an important message that extends beyond business and sales: develop friendships, because in the end, people like working with friends.”

—Rudy Wynter, President & COO – Wholesale Networks and US Capital Delivery,
National Grid, Waltham, MA

“Mike Beehler and I have been business colleagues for many, many years now, and I am glad to say that I can also call Mike a friend. The traits that most resonated with me in The Science of the Sale were authenticity and sincerity. This, along with Mike’s passion for industry, growth, and innovation are what makes this book a great read!”

—Chris Kelly, COO Electric Business Unit,
National Grid, Waltham, MA

“Mike Beehler is one of the most authentic people I’ve dealt with in the T&D industry. He is a master of relationships. Over the years, significant business transacted, and I always felt like I was dealing fairly and with a friend. Mike really knows the science of sales.”

—Cheri Warren, former SVP, Network Strategy,
National Grid, Waltham, MA

“I have worked with Mike Beehler for more than a decade, and Mike puts into practice every day what he describes in his book. The Science of the Sale is filled with great nuggets of advice on every aspect of the business sales process.”

—Carol Sedewitz, VP Electric Distribution Asset Management,
National Grid, Waltham, MA

“This book is an excellent read for anyone in relationship management and sales. Mike Beehler and his team meticulously followed this blueprint for success and always provided outstanding customer service for me and my team in the electric utility industry. He earned my trust and friendship. My wife, Lauriene, and I consider Mike and his wife Dianne friends for life.”

—Walter Spansel, Former Vice President and Transmission Officer, NV Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company; Former Director, Transmission,
Southern California Edison, Las Vegas, NV

“Michael Beehler has written a must-read for anyone already in sales or about to launch into sales. It gets to the fundamentals of building trust and creating enduring customers…Something he did over and over again in his own career.”

—Marie Jordan, President and CEO,
Peak Reliability, Portland, OR

“Much has been written recently about authentic leadership. Anyone who has worked with Mike Beehler has seen authenticity, character, and integrity applied to sales and resulting in high value business relationships that are sustained for many years. In The Science of the Sale he has managed to bottle much of his successful approach to sales in a very practical handbook covering the entire sales cycle. His candid and straightforward sales guidance is anchored in a genuine interest in the industry and the people he served”

Mike Sullivan, Management Consultant and Senior Vice President (Rretired),
Pepco Holdings Incorporated, Washington, DC

“Mike Beehler lives The Science of the Sale every day. He exemplifies emotional intelligence, passion for the industry, and lifelong learning. This book provides a deep insight into the value of relationship-based salesmanship. He prepares us all for a rapidly changing business environment.”

—Larry Bekkedahl, Vice President Grid Architecture, Integration & System Operations,
PGE, Portland, OR

Mike offered his authentic and tried-and-true recipes for a successful career as the Iron Chef of Sales. Enlightened by his assertion that ‘everyone in business is in sales,’ his insights in the industry and steps to work with people based on his exceptional past sales experiences and successes are applicable for all business leaders. His belief of sales based on science provides clarity on the subject matter and is attested with stories and examples, and has led to his personal success. He takes the reader through a no-stone-unturned sales journey, starting from the selection of the right talents and key ingredients, acquiring the right tools, learning from subject matter experts through their books, practical individual preparations for a well-planned process, insightful and watchful steps to ensure building of trust and friendship, and how to close a sale and deliver ultimate customer success. The Science of the Sale is much more than a practical guide for the sales professionals; it is a must-read for anyone aiming for business and life success.”

—Patrick Lee, President & CEO,
PXiSE Energy Solutions, LLC., a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, San Diego, CA

“Mike—or “Beehler” as most of us in the industry referred to him—again puts his generosity and caring into action with guidance for the success of others in this book. Knowing Beehler, his tremendous career sales success is captured through him being exactly the right person for the right job in the right industry and at the right time—but more important than any of that, Mike’s always been a trusted friend.”

—John Hewa, Chief Operating Officer,
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Fredericksburg, VA

“Distilling his years as a successful sales professional in the very competitive world of engineering procurement and construction, Mike has crafted an accessible and practical guide to the science of sales. Replete with how-tos, checklists and actionable plans, this is an excellent guide for anyone interested developing or honing their sales craft and career!”

—Phil Herrington, Senior Vice President,
Southern California Edison, Pomona, CA

“I’ve known Mike Beehler for a long time—first as a friend, then as a customer. And that little statement explains what’s so special about Mike and the way he partners with people in business and in life. He instinctively looks for things you and he have in common—whether faith, family, sports or business—and sincerely builds on those linkages to develop trust and friendship that goes beyond business and will endure forever.”

—Jim Kelly, Senior Vice President (Retired),
Southern California Edison, Newport, CA

“Mike and I became acquaintances through work – and I truly value his thought leadership in our industry. Mike is the consummate executive leader focused on strategy, development of business and people and building strong customer relationships – he ALWAYS inquired if he and his firm were meeting our expectations and what we could possibly benefit from his firm’s experience. Together we safely accomplished a very difficult and expensive First Of A Kind project that was vital to the electric system in Southern California. I feel our strategic partnership was successful because of Mike’s professional focus and executive leadership.”

—Pete Dietrich, Senior Vice President (Retired),
Southern California Edison, Orange County, CA

“If I had read this book and then you told me who wrote it I would not have been surprised. It is a ‘Diary’ of our long, enjoyable, and profitable (life and business) relationship. ‘Friendship’ backed with a crazy passion for the technical side of our business. I’d hand this book to my sales people the day I hired them.”

—David Mead, Senior Vice President (Retired),
Southern California Edison, Orange County, CA

“Mike is writing from the heart in this book. He truly believes and practices what is written here. Mike and I go back many, many years to a time when he was evolving and perfecting the relationship methods discussed here in. Mike’s advice is tried, true and genuine. The concepts are simple and easy to follow if you are truly dedicated to building strong bonds with customers. Even if you are not in sales, the principles work in all business and personal relationships. Anyone on either the sales or customer side of the business equation would do well to study these relationship building ideals and make them their own. I can honestly say that what started as a customer-client relationship with Mike those oh-so-many years ago has grown into a lifelong friendship. Follow Mike’s advice—build the trust and the sales, relationships, and friendship will follow!”

—Chuck Adamson, Principal Manager,
Southern California Edison, Pomona, CA

“Have you been searching for winning principles to succeed in a competitive market? Will the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact your career? As Michael states in his book, ‘The prize for second place is… nothing.’ Michael skillfully shares invaluable and proven guidance whether you are in a sales or non-sales role, to help set yourself apart from the competition. These practical skills and techniques will help you to be successful in today’s changing and tempestuous business climate while helping you create strong partnerships and lasting relationships with your customers. As a former customer of his, I can attest that he ‘leads by example,’ emulating all the tools shared in this book. And after my many years as an executive in domestic and international electric utility businesses, I can only remember a handful of business or sales development representatives that I’m able to call a true partner and friend. Michael is one of them.”

—Nestor Martinez, Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services, Transmission and Distribution (Retired), Southern California Edison, Pomona, CA

“Mike Beehler’s guidance is spot on! Just like Mike, it’s honest, practical, and focuses on the value of personal relationships. I always trusted Mike to know his stuff and to have my personal and company’s interest as first priority. You would do well to listen to what he has to say.”

—William O. (Billy) Ball, Chief Transmission Officer (Retired), Southern Company, Birmingham, AL

“Beehler is really onto something here. Before reading The Science of the Sale—and having spent my entire career as a doer, never a seller—if you had ask me whether sales was an art or a science I would have replied that it was closer to the former. But Mike is right on: most of us won’t continue to be doers and his methods to get to a deal are useful for all aspects of life where happiness and health are strongly linked to relationships. The work is very well timed with tips on using all of the wonderful technology we have today to facilitate the development of human relationships rather than replacing them. I have been good friends with Mike for over 20 years and can state with certainty that he truly practices what he preaches and it has served him very well. It’s a blessing that he has chosen to share his wisdom.”

—Bob Smith, VP Transmission Planning and Development, TransCanyon LLC, Salt Lake City, UT

“Mike expertly relays how he became ‘The Best Salesman on the Planet’ in The Science of the Sale. Spend an evening or two reading his book and you will embrace the idea that you are made for success in sales and in business.”

—Patrick Hogan, Executive Vice President, Utility Technology Solutions, LLC, New York, NY

“Mike Beehler has been a well-recognized sales leader for a major engineering consulting company for many years and this book is a great roadmap to a successful career in sales. It should be required reading for all in the field.”

—Chris Root, Chief Operating Officer,
Vermont Electric Power Company, Rutland, VT

“Mike has taken his years of experience in selling and distilled it to a simple, easy to follow formula that aligns well with traditional, formalized selling processes. A great bolt on to Strategic Selling, Spin Selling and the like, Mike provides insights from his years of success.”

—Mark A. Gabriel, Administrator,
Western Area Power Administration, Lakewood, CO

“What a fantastic book! Mike has taken his years of experience and put them into a practical guide on how to succeed in the world of sales. You don’t have to be in sales to appreciate the value of this pragmatic business book. I love the action items too. Thanks, Mike, for sharing your wisdom!”

—Gregg Lemler, Retired utility executive & current business consultant,
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“Mike has produced an easy read with valuable content. In this world of high tech, A.I., and 140 character epiphanies, a book with repeated confirmations that high touch and relationships matter should help ground all in the sales space.”

—Michael Quinn, Vice President Portfolio Strategy & Risk, Energy Industry, Ft. Worth, TX

“Sage advice from a business veteran. Mike has always been the consummate professional, and yet, challenging and inspirational in his thoughts and actions. The Science of the Sale is a straightforward, easy read, with some of the most practical business advice you’ll ever need to be successful, regardless of the industry you’re in.”

—Greg Kiraly, Utility Industry Executive & Advisor, Scottsdale, AZ