A New Paradigm of Thinking For Your Future

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the new book from Michael E. Beehler

High Praise from Industry Leaders

the new book from
Michael E. Beehler

High Praise from Industry Leaders

“Michael Beehler has written a must-read for anyone already in sales or about to launch into sales. It gets to the fundamentals of building trust and creating enduring customers…” 

—Marie Jordan, President and CEO, Peak Reliability, Portland, OR

“I’d hand this book to my sales people the day I hired them.” 

—David Mead, Senior Vice President (Retired), Southern California Edison, Orange County, CA

Sales are Built on trust

Sales Are Based on Science

What skills do you need to compete with and prevail over the Artificial Intelligence robot? The jobs and careers that will survive in your career horizon are those related to creativity and strategy or those that engage with people in close personal and relational ways that computers cannot emulate. 

Your best opportunity, and my purpose in writing this book, is for you to learn how to build and maintain close personal and professional relationships that lead to long term business success for all parties engaged. That’s called sales. At the end of the day, if you are in business, you are in sales. 

  • The Sales Proposal
  • How to Get the Meetings
  • How to Add Value Every Time

More Praise

“Mike’s book clearly reflects the genuine, authentic and ethically based style he brought to the market.”


—Steve Berberich, President and CEO,
California Independent System Operator, Folsom, CA

Chapters Include

What is Sales?
Getting the First Meeting
Preparing for the First Meeting
The Sales Meeting
The Sales Meeting Follow-up
Adding Value…Every Time
The Sales Proposal
The Sales Presentation
Contracts & Negotiations
Product Delivery or Project Kick-off
Tracking Progress and Reporting
A Trusted Friend

The Science of the Sale is …

About Authenticity

“Much has been written recently about authentic leadership. Anyone who has worked with Mike Beehler has seen authenticity, character, and integrity applied to sales and resulting in high value business relationships that are sustained for many years. In The Science of the Sale he has managed to bottle much of his successful approach to sales in a very practical handbook covering the entire sales cycle. His candid and straightforward sales guidance is anchored in a genuine interest in the industry and the people he served” 

—Mike Sullivan, Management Consultant and Senior Vice President (Retired), Pepco Holdings Incorporated, Washington, DC

A Must Read

“Very easy to read yet comprehensive and informative.” 

—Duane Anstaett
Evergy, Kansas City, MO

Incredibly Practical

“An accessible guide to becoming a trusted partner with any customer.”

—Jeff Guldner, President & CEO, Arizona Public Service, Phoenix, AZ

Fair and Friendly

“Mike Beehler is a master of relationships.”

—Cheri Warren, National Grid, Waltham, MA


“What’s important: personal connections and paying it forward.”

—Lisa Barton, Utility Executive, Columbus, OH

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A New Paradigm of Thinking

Innovation is all the buzz. But ideas are cheap: it’s solutions that have value. Can a regulated, monopolistic electric utility compete against the myriad nimble, technology start-ups that plan to change the world? Does it need to?  We need a “new paradigm of thinking” in our industry.